Saturday, November 7, 2009

Does it Matter if She Reads the First Page of the Newspaper Over and Over Again?

Does it really matter if she reads the same thing over and over again? Pat will flip the paper over and over again, reading the same headlines each time. She'll have the same reaction each time and then repeat, without ever opening it up.I personally feel if it is keeping her mind occupied, which gets harder and harder with each day, then it is good for her.

Maybe the reason any of her behaviors are a problem are because of how it makes us feel. We want her to progress. We want her to be the old Pat who devoured the entire newspaper including the Jumble and the entire crossword puzzle. The old Pat who was a whiz with words and random knowledge. But she is gone most of the time now. And watching her flip that paper AGAIN just reminds us of that AGAIN...

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