Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Launch off Here 2 Help Services Blog

I have wanted to reach out to others to discuss Alzheimer's issues for so long now and I finally did it! I created my website, with content on a bunch of topics. One of the topics is Alzheimer's. I take care of my boyfriend's mother who has Alzheimer's. She has lived with us since last August (2008).

At first I cut my hours at the bank down to 20 and spent my time running around, worrying about her, and calling a hundred times a day(which got me in trouble at the bank). Finally, I knew I needed to be home with her to care for her and keep her going.

It was the right decision. She's still in there, although she disappears a little more each day. But I think my interactions with her have made a difference and I have enjoyed being home with her. I won't lie, it hasn't all been easy and I know the worst is yet to come, but this is my calling and it just feels good to make a difference in her life. Almost every night, when she goes to bed, she thanks me for being her friend and helping her out. She doesn't realize, but that means the world to me and makes it all worth while.

So this blog is dedicated to her. If it wasn't for Pat, I wouldn't be where I am today - here on my laptop, creating this blog.

For more information, visit my website: Welcome to my blog!

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