Monday, January 18, 2010

Alzheimer's Overload

My plan had been to write in this blog a few times a week, every week. I felt I could offer a lot of helpful insight to others dealing with Alzheimer's because of what I have gone through and continue to go through. But then I realized that I couldn't do it as much as I had hoped. I can not drown myself in Alzheimer's.

I live Alzheimer's every second of every day. The breaks I get are few and far between. I live for the hour a week Pat goes to the hairdresser. And when Mark's daughter is home with us, it feels nice to take a walk outside and not have to rush back to check on Pat. But still, those breaks are so few that I never really feel revived. So, as a result, I have slowed down with my posts on this blog. I hope to pick back up again, but for now, this is all I can do.

So, for those of you that look for my posts, I apologize for their scarcit of late. I've just needed a little break and will be back again soon with fresh material, inspiration, stories, frustrations, research, and general information.

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