Thursday, January 7, 2010

Favorite Game to Play with Pat and No, It's Not on the Wii!

I love playing Yahtzee with Pat. I can usually handle one and a half games before my good nature starts to fade... and no, it's not because she is winning. It's tough to repeat yourself  (Have I said that before? I'm sure you will see me repeat myself a lot.). Every time I remind her to roll and what to play. It sort of reminds me of when I was a child and couldn't get others to play with me. I would play games against myself. But I didn't need to remind myself to go, roll, write...

I always have to coax her into playing. I know she is afraid she won't know what to do so I tell her, "Oh, come on Pat, I'll help you." And I'm glad she will do it because it helps pass the time. I don't really see her get excited about it, but she uses her mind keeping score and rolling the dice.

She's pretty good at recognizing Full House, Large Straight, Small Straight and of course YAHTZEE! When her granddaughter is home for the weekend, this is a game we can all play together and it includes Pat in it. Inclusion matters so much.

If you don't have your own copy of Yahtzee, you can get it anywhere. I looked it up at (affiliate link) and right now they have it for as low as $6.48! It's important to keep motivated and playing games is almost a neccessity.

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